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MEDFORD, Mass. (WHDH) — Michelle Chamuel returned home after another win on “The Voice.”

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Right off the red-eye from her performance in Los Angeles, Chamuel headed straight to the Kiss 108 studios with Matty in the Morning.

She gets to spend a little while at home and she’s glad to be back.

“The big thing is what it smells like. We were walking up and I was like, ‘man it just smells better.’ I just miss the smell of Massachusetts,” said Chamuel.

She snacked on one of her favorite snacks: sardines.

“No way! How did you know?” she said.

But it’s time in the kitchen she said she misses the most.

“I would love to cook something, believe it or not. I haven’t done that in like two months,” said Chamuel.

She hasn’t been doing much on the cutting board while spending time as the last contestant of Team Usher. But her experiences have been a learning experience. She said she gained a lot from Taylor Swift’s surprise visit during a performance.

“It was so cool. It changed the whole performance. It shaped a lot of what I did on Monday to just having her there and having to step it up in that one moment,” she said.

America’s votes have made her a fan favorite but her mom said fame will never change her.

“She can find her passion and go for her passion and stay true to herself,” said her mom, Jolie Davie.

And Chamuel wanted to make it clear that her quirky style isn’t going anywhere either.

“People don’t know this about me but I’m very strict about my style. Can you run a mile in your footwear? If you wanted to brush hair out of your face would anything catch you or cut you? You know like a big ring or something,” she said.

The hope is that Michelle and her Chuck Taylor’s will walk their way into a win on “The Voice.”

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Local girl comes home after win on ‘The Voice’ – 7NEWS Boston News WHDH-TV 7NEWS WHDH.COM.