Happy 2016! And a recap!

Happy New Year!!! Here’s to a great 2016!! And in case you’ve been wondering where on EARTH I’ve been – here’s a quick recap (cue recap music).***

After completing the last TRJ EP, I decided to relax, catch up with family and friends, and do some quiet thinking. This included reading MANY BOOKS, quiet cuddles by the fireplace, making pickled radishes and slow cooked broths, reorganizing the studio, snowboarding-ish, holidays!!!!, gift giving and receiving, eating TASTY MEALS, making overdue phone-calls, and taking many long walks. I realized that I’ve been promising myself for a very long time that I will shift my focus from live performance to music creation, and those who know me well, know this to be true. It has taken almost a decade, but I’m finally keeping that promise (and “facing the fire”, if you will :P). This is not a simple feat, as the positive reinforcement for creating tangible art is more distant and infrequent than the immediacy of positive energy, validation, and cheering that comes after a live show.

Reading about nutrition was helpful for me to understand how soils become depleted after growing the same crop over and over. Land needs rotation, rest, and attention. I hope globally, we can move towards sustainable and vibrant farming (and many individuals are!), and likewise, I am on the quest to find my own process for enriching my personal growing grounds. Right now, this involves quiet, intentional creating, with the goal of increased sharing of music.

In case anyone is like “WAIT, DOES THIS MEAN NO MORE LIVE SHOWS EVER >:O?!” – that is definitely not the case! Going back to the soil example – doing one thing over and over and rejecting other needs of the land is NOT the idea here. So in case analogies are not your thing – live performance is sill here for me :D, just not this growing season (EEE SORRY! I JUST LOVE MAKING ANALOGIES!).

In studio news, I’m super pumped to announce that my small project studio is moving into a new and bigger space that can support NEW and BIGGER music making! I’m busting at the seams to find out what full work weeks of creating will lead to. In the brief time I’ve dedicated exclusively writing, I’ve made many new songs and several collaborations (and I can’t wait until it’s time to tell you more about them!).

The process of moving into my new work-space will also require getting covered in dust and paint – as I get to sand and finish exposed wood, re-paint the walls, and use principles of sound reinforcement (fun maths!!) to make a well treated acoustic space. All of this so I can capture the music vibes as I intend them to be for your magnificent ears (or bone structure, if your eardrums do not hear).** I’ll do my best to post updates as I go and not just show you the final studio (yes – I’m notorious for deciding to share a piece only after it’s finished!!!).

In non-music news – Arnold (the bicycle) has gotten much use this summer and spring. He’s resting now in during the salty/snowy season and storing up energy for another busy spring. The skateboarding continues to develop through the winter season in the form of “snowskating” (which is arguably a way to continue skateboarding year round! Some people say it’s more like surfing, but I don’t surf, so I CALL IT SKATEBOARDING). My version of skateboarding is just moving forward, there are no tricks or looking SWEET, just the awesomeness that is “moving forward” in space. I feel like that’s what most people need anyway – the feeling of progress, of positive growing.*

May this 2016 be full of progress. I think my goal is to begin the progress from where I truly am, rather than where I think I should be. It is from seeing what really is that we can encourage positive development to where we know things could be.

Much love,



*** The music is your choice! I’m currently digging on the red velvety looking Beach House album
**  Some people mix music and listen to music while involving their skeletal system. I read about a man who knows when the music is right because he feels it in his teeth! Cool!!!
*   …whether that comes from actual transportation or flipping pieces of wood around with your feet and jumping like a cricket.