New Music Coming Out Soon!

Dear Frans, I am working on the next album! It’s a double EP that will be titled Insights & Turnpikes. The first half of the album is the more heavily produced and energetic “Turnpikes” and the second half is the more acoustic and stripped down “Insights.” This project has been in the works for over a year now, and during that time much has happened.

I have delved further into my role as an artist, exploring what it means to make art, entertain, fulfill my life’s purpose, and many more grandiose and esoteric queries. This turns into art! On a more somber note, my father passed away from brain cancer in late 2016 and that process was very difficult, not just in him not being here anymore, but watching him go through cancer treatments and hospitalization. Being human is very very very strange, wonderful, and at times horrifying. This has also been a part of my art. That and experiencing growing older, seasons, moving, responsibility, and the quest to be a good human in a society where I feel like we dismiss much of what I think it means to be human.

All that said, this album isn’t TOO depressing, I hope! In sadness there is beauty, in growing up, there is beauty and wonder, in feeling things – even difficult ones, there is always a counterbalance.

More updates to come.


P.S. This is way better than writing in my middle school journal.