Moving is bettaaaah! (for sight)

Heyo! It’s been a while since my last blog, and due to some very kind emails and words of encouragement, I’m making an effort to blog more consistently and more often! I frequently have thoughts that I want to make into blog thoughts, but often, these thoughts get lost somewhere between the time I receive them (say, in the middle of an hour long walk) and when I am seated at my computer with all passwords and correct blog login information in order.

[Sidenote – I am the kind of person who uses passwords like #gR5sf6EeWxC9 and then later avoids accessing any of the useful and often necessary sites that request these gibberish sequences.]

Anywho! I had a thought the other day in the middle of an hour long walk, and I remembered it now! That thought is that I can see better when there is movement. For example, my lovely partner points out a bluebird to me from our kitchen window. I look outside and see blurry trees and no bird. She then tries to describe the bird’s whereabouts (lowest branch, middle of the yard, etc), but still no luck. Then all of a sudden, the bird moves around and VOILA, I can see it! And even when it lands on another branch and stops moving, I can still see it. I can see something I couldn’t see just a moment ago.

This made me think about how I look at things when trying to see them more clearly. Usually I keep still, tighten my neck, or just squint. But what about taking a step back and relaxing so that I can move my head or body around enough to get the world moving a little bit. If my eyes are made to see things best when they are not absolutely still, this could be helpful to know! I also feel like this is applicable to problems.

Sometimes, if there’s something I’m trying to solve, I’ll grab it in my mind and try to keep it still long enough so I can figure out a solution. But what if the best way to see new solutions is when there is movement. Maybe getting up and going for a short walk, or letting my thoughts move through my head more freely will result in better in”sight.”

Well, that’s my thought for today :). Thanks for checking in!