Minimix #3 – One of These Days

Kicking it off today with a track from the UK based Swami (also known across the web as swamibeghost).

When I first heard Swami’s track, I immediately searched for the piece he sampled. It’s called “It’ll All Be Over” by Supreme Jubilees, and it’s beautiful. Listening to “It’ll All Be Over”, is when I realized there was something missing from it that I had fallen in love with in Swami’s version.

Dear reader, you likely know I’m into formant, time, and pitch shifting in music, especially when applied to vocals. One reason is because in this shifted sound, the polarization we uphold in society regarding gender doesn’t really apply, and this allows for a more spectrum-like view to surface. For example, a listener may think, “Hmmm, is this singer a man? Is it a woman? I don’t know!!! But wait! Maybe it doesn’t matter whether or not I know if it’s a man or a woman! Hooray!!!”

Anyhow, Swami arranged parts of “It’ll All Be Over”, choosing the exact sweet-spot of speed, pitch, and formants that bring out something I never would have heard listening to Supreme Jubilees. Swami’s track has a new uplifting energy it it, a bouncier groove, and a very inclusive message of comfort. And so, thanks to Swami, we get to hear female-part existing somewhere inside the voice of the Supreme Jubilees singer. I love hearing this redone hook alongside Swami’s timely, thoughtful, and laidback flow.

Next up, we have a track from Clément Bindzi, a Parisian producer with some seriously good vibes. His latest track, “Be With Me” is bouncy and oh so colorful. I’ve probably listened to it 20 times already.

It’s got an acoustic guitar at the beginning that sounds like this track is playing just for me. I think if my daily mind had a thought, it would sound like that acoustic guitar. But wait, there’s more! The track builds and builds before exploding into a funky-fresh French House chorus. WHOOOOOO!! (I’m listening right now and bopping my head so hard, I keep making all these typos. WOOO!!! Dance break!).

Ok, I’m back. Next up is a track is from a truly wonderful human, Aaron M Gold. I had the honor of collaborating with him in My Dear Disco. Aaron M Gold just released an enchanting EP and “Eyes Hungry for Sky” is the first track. I feel so much of the good in humanity coming through this piece. Listening takes me somewhere I really need to visit these days. And I have a feeling, if you’re reading this, you may need to visit that place, too. So if you would, just hit play and close your cute peepers…

Welcome back!

Lastly, we have a piece from the Argentinian project, Drones Que Caen. I think that means “Falling Drones”, which I enjoy as someone who runs as fast as she can away from any drone in the sky. This is an ambient, sleepy, moody, magical piece.

(Side-story, I was working in the sound department at a film shoot and they were filming a drone shot. That drone buzzed loudly as it lifted off the ground. I swear, it looked like a future robo-alien that wanted to eat my heart and poke out my eyes, so of course, I ran as far as I could away from it).

To get back to my point, there’s something beautifully genuine and tender about this piece of music. I don’t understand all the words (though thanks to my dear Spanish teachers, I got some of them!! Thank you!). HOWEVER, music that breaks the boundaries of language is to be celebrated. And if you would take some time with me to celebrate this piece of music, I will be right here with you. Thank you.