“Ivy” – SALES

Are you experiencing loads of travel and transitions this summer? What to listen to when these things are happening?? Well – for a start, this Beach House-y track by SALES! With its haunting half-mumbled vocals and laid back spring-reverby guitar licks – it is a great way to quiet the mind and step back from the rush of […]

Wow is it hot!

Last week, Mary I had to make a 5 hour drive home on heatwave Monday, and let me tell you – it was NUTS! My car, Sarge, does not do AC, so I had all the windows rolled down and lots of water, but alas, once the car reached a whopping 98 degrees (not the […]


That’s a roundabout way to say, YAY! I made my first official music video! It took one phone, two lamps, three days, four instruments, and five computer programs to make! I also had help from one very slinky American Shorthaired cat, who made sure to rub against the lamps and make them tip over into […]

Moving is bettaaaah! (for sight)

Heyo! It’s been a while since my last blog, and due to some very kind emails and words of encouragement, I’m making an effort to blog more consistently and more often! I frequently have thoughts that I want to make into blog thoughts, but often, these thoughts get lost somewhere between the time I receive them […]

The Insights & Turnpikes Pre-Order is HEEEEEEERE!!!

Insights & Turnpikes by Michelle Chamuel Some things that are in this album (though maybe hard to hear): – new songs!!! – the passage of many months – instrument lessons and mUCH practice! – the heater in the basements – 10 layers of me singing quietly under one of me singing loudly – Homer purring – me […]

Get enough sunlight

I have been a glasses wearer for over 22 years now – and a fairly unapologetic one at that.  If it seems odd to you that someone would need to apologize for wearing glasses, this is most likely due to the fact that glasses are now extremely common (or even dare I say, “hipster”), but there […]

New Music Coming Out Soon!

Dear Frans, I am working on the next album! It’s a double EP that will be titled Insights & Turnpikes. The first half of the album is the more heavily produced and energetic “Turnpikes” and the second half is the more acoustic and stripped down “Insights.” This project has been in the works for over […]

“Week 298 // Anniversary” – Mount Everest

Mount Everest. Mount Everest. This Mount Everest!! This one guy, Jesse Mitchell Lindsey, has been making a song every Monday for the past 298 weeks. YES!! So, now we can hear what music sounds like when someone makes a song every week for 298 weeks! And better yet, what delicate gems of life are to be found in […]

“Okinawa” – Sure Sure

Glistening with tinkly guitars, groovy drum kit, and breezy vocal harmonies – “Okinawa” is a great song to bring in the warmer weather. This song is from the cheekily titled EP – Songs from 2014 by the Californian trio, Sure Sure, and hints at the Real Estate, Tame Impala, Kings of Convenience, and a day at the beach.