“Show Me a Sweet Dawn” – Vincent DiFrancesco

Beautiful ambient track from neo-classical multi-instrumentalist, Vincent Difancesco with warm strings, dark pulsing four-on-the-floor groove, and experimental ambience. Give this track a spin if you enjoy Burial, Burial & Four Tet, or the UK label, Erased Tapes.

“For the Best” – Trivial Shields ft. Angelica Bess

Trivial Shields investigates darker subject matters and somehow makes it seem like a great idea to shake your body while figuring it all out. His music is a friend who gets the sh*t you’re going through, listens, doesn’t brush anything under the rug, and then gets you to dance the angst away. This track has a funky groove, […]

“Ivy” – SALES

Are you experiencing loads of travel and transitions this summer? What to listen to when these things are happening?? Well – for a start, this Beach House-y track by SALES! With its haunting half-mumbled vocals and laid back spring-reverby guitar licks – it is a great way to quiet the mind and step back from the rush of […]

“Week 298 // Anniversary” – Mount Everest

Mount Everest. Mount Everest. This Mount Everest!! This one guy, Jesse Mitchell Lindsey, has been making a song every Monday for the past 298 weeks. YES!! So, now we can hear what music sounds like when someone makes a song every week for 298 weeks! And better yet, what delicate gems of life are to be found in […]

“Okinawa” – Sure Sure

Glistening with tinkly guitars, groovy drum kit, and breezy vocal harmonies – “Okinawa” is a great song to bring in the warmer weather. This song is from the cheekily titled EP – Songs from 2014 by the Californian trio, Sure Sure, and hints at the Real Estate, Tame Impala, Kings of Convenience, and a day at the beach.