Mixtape – This Old Thing Can Fly

Has anyone had the pleasure of receiving a mixed cassette tape from someone? A physical cassette someone sat next to and recorded each song onto while thinking of you? As my biased words suggest, I have received such a thing and it’s a game changer! For me, mixtapes evoke adolescence (and all the angst, hope, […]

Minimix – Dance Dance Lapsang Souchong

Busted! I was trying to rhyme with “Dance Dance Revolution”! Even though going out dancing isn’t something we can really do these days, today, we are going to evoke that feeling. So put on your dancing outfit and whip out your dancing shoes – we’re headed for some dancing! First up is a track called […]

Minimix #7 – make feelings run wild

This week’s minimix is centered around creating, and given that you are reading this blog, I can confidently say you possess the capacity to create. So grab an art making tool (now or later) and get ready for our first selection, “Serenade” by Slovakian artist, Lightphaser featuring Hatsune Miku (初音ミク). “Serenade” (including its accompanying visual) […]

Minimix #6 – Lady Moon Magic!

Welcome, welcome! This week, we have tracks featuring feminine MAGICS! First up is a track by a European artist called Dee (I think Dee is currently in Berlin). I listen to several dozen tracks each week, some I don’t connect with, others get me after a few sections, and a few grab me from the […]

Minimix #3 – One of These Days

Kicking it off today with a track from the UK based Swami (also known across the web as swamibeghost). When I first heard Swami’s track, I immediately searched for the piece he sampled. It’s called “It’ll All Be Over” by Supreme Jubilees, and it’s beautiful. Listening to “It’ll All Be Over”, is when I realized […]

“For Granted” – Sean Beyond

Track producer, Sean Beyond describes some of his music as “obscure sub-genres of EDM that he’s unaware of” and I have to agree. There’s something about this track is calming, hypnotic, and uplifting – all at the same time. WHAT?! This Chicago based producer has managed to include formant shifted and chopped vocals and a […]

“Show Me a Sweet Dawn” – Vincent DiFrancesco

Beautiful ambient track from neo-classical multi-instrumentalist, Vincent Difancesco with warm strings, dark pulsing four-on-the-floor groove, and experimental ambience. Give this track a spin if you enjoy Burial, Burial & Four Tet, or the UK label, Erased Tapes.

“For the Best” – Trivial Shields ft. Angelica Bess

Trivial Shields investigates darker subject matters and somehow makes it seem like a great idea to shake your body while figuring it all out. His music is a friend who gets the sh*t you’re going through, listens, doesn’t brush anything under the rug, and then gets you to dance the angst away. This track has a funky groove, […]

“The Night Before” – Joey Dosik

Los Angeles’s Joey Dosik released Game Winner on indie label, Secretly Candadian in 2018. The album’s opening track, “The Night Before,” simultaneously shows off Dosik’s soulful piano playing and warm vibes. Fans of Princess, Vulpeck, Bill Withers, and Mocky – check this out, like yesterday (but also today!).

“Ivy” – SALES

Are you experiencing loads of travel and transitions this summer? What to listen to when these things are happening?? Well – for a start, this Beach House-y track by SALES! With its haunting half-mumbled vocals and laid back spring-reverby guitar licks – it is a great way to quiet the mind and step back from the rush of […]